08-10-2013 - Aurora announces public availability of the Aurora/Symtech MPPT

The Aurora/Symtech MPPT The Aurora Symtech MPPT installed in Aurora Evolution

As Aurora Evolution makes its way from Darwin to Adelaide, Aurora is pleased to announce the public availability of our newest piece of in-car electronics. Developed for our Solaris concept car and currently being tested by Aurora Evolution in the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge the Aurora/Symtech Maximum Power Point Tracker is going to be available for purchase.

The Aurora/Symtech Maximum Power Point Tracker developed by Aurora member Ross Ramm, his company Symetric Technologies Pty Ltd, and the assistance of other Aurora sponsors and members of Aurora's electrical team. The tracker represents the next generation of MPPT's for Solar EVs, utilising resonant conversion to deliver high efficiency over a broad range of outputs and a peak efficiency of 98.5%. The MPPT is rated to 240 W continuous and offers 3 kV galvanic isolation.

For further information about the trackers please view the datasheet by clicking on the link below.


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